Saturday, February 12, 2011

Loved and Missed

Katie the cat and Kelly the dog were best of friends. As fate cruelly dictated, they passed away within a week of each other. Their human, understandably, was devastated. Her husband came to me and we devised this composition. Kelly and Katie used to hang out together, sitting in the door, watching the world go by...

Kayla's human lives up north. His daughter approached me just as Kayla was in her last days, dying due to age and illness. She shared Kayla's story with me; that although Kayla was a rescue herself, she, in a way, rescued her human family with the love she gave them during a very difficult time in their lives. Kayla loved the outdoors- and she had an expanse of fields and mountains to enjoy. I thought a backdrop of wood and maple leaves would keep her happy in posterity.

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