Thursday, August 7, 2014

Spring commisions

It's fun to work on such diverse compositions.
This is Laska- a gentle Husky mix. This painting was a surprise thank-you gift from my client to her client.Nice!
This is Mauly- the funniest looking dog with the biggest heart and the most love I have ever met (I know Mauly quite well and was honoured to paint her).
Finally Petey the dog and Duke the cat. It took a while for both of them to appreciate the other but now they are just like furry siblings... they still fight on occasion but mostly they get along great.

Long Overdue

Here's three paintings I did over Christmas and into the new year... So sorry it took so long to post. Loved these gorgeous bulldogs: Chloe and JT... full off energy and affection and very well behaved :)