Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Gang

It's taken a while... this painting has finally found it's way to Edmonton and I'm finally free to share it with the world. Allow me to introduce the beautiful baby girl Brooklyn, and her older 'brothers' Jonas the dog and Ninja the cat. What a fun portrait of the kids...
I have to admit the photo quality of this painting is not exemplary but it's the best I could do considering the varnish and the bright summer light...
What a pleasure and honour it is to be part of this family's history and their time in Toronto.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cool Chili

Chili the Australian Shepherd lived in the house next to our dog park for many years. I'm sure he thought of the park as his own front yard and of all of us 'visitors' as his friends. Although he and his family eventually moved away, his humans commissioned this image of Chili's joyous romp not only to celebrate his joie de vivre but also to commemorate the time spent in the neighbourhood. They will be missed by all.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

White Dog, White Dog

This is Chloe. Although she looks (and is) cute and cuddly she also rules the roost. She keeps her much larger canine sibling in tow and her humans on their toes.Her humans wanted her posing on her favourite chair- the colour choices reflect both her playfulness and her reserve.

I never met Galileo but I know he is missed with much love by many who knew him- even beyond his immediate humans. For many years, Galileo was the Poodle in residence at the Donkey Sanctuary in Guelph Ontario. He was known by hundreds (possibly thousands) and although they've had other dogs at the Sanctuary, Galileo stands out as his human's "dearest companion".

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Big Dog, Little Dog

This is Consuelo. She is a Mexican Hairless with a royal demeanor. She needed a canvas twice her size to capture her larger than life personality. Her human, a devotee of the breed, creates specialty dog jackets to protect their skins against the sun and cold. We agreed it would be fitting to have Consuelo model one of his creations.

Presenting Dharma. She is the newest addition to Roman's family (see posting below). Dharma is a 12 year old rescued Greyhound in frail health. Her humans wanted an image that would sit nicely beside the painting I did a few months ago of her adopted brother Roman- thus the format. Although Dharma at first might seem meek, she has asserted herself and has earned a deep respect from both Roman and her humans.

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Jack and Two Minnies

Joey is the Jack Russell in the middle, the Minnie Pinschers on either side are Sadie and Lucy. What sweeties they all are. Joey and Lucy were easy to make friends with but since Sadie was a rescue, I had to earn her trust more slowly. Thank goodness for liver treats. They each posed for me like pros (one at a time, of course)- taking their positions on the ottoman like they knew what I was after...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Lucky Dogs

This is Minnie. She suffered from a serious kidney disease and although her human knew there was something wrong it took years to determine an accurate diagnosis (if only dogs could talk). Since having her operation, Minnie is healthy and happy and acts like an 11 year old puppy. This composition was based on an image provided- one taken at the backdoor of the cottage where Minnie loves to spend her days surveying the land.

Roman scored big when his humans adopted him. The women are involved with the Greyhound Rescue organization and this is the 11th greyhound that they've adopted over the years (not to mention the fostering and saving other breeds and species).
Roman couldn't be in better hands- after the hardship of his early years he truely has 'come home'.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Loved and Missed

Katie the cat and Kelly the dog were best of friends. As fate cruelly dictated, they passed away within a week of each other. Their human, understandably, was devastated. Her husband came to me and we devised this composition. Kelly and Katie used to hang out together, sitting in the door, watching the world go by...

Kayla's human lives up north. His daughter approached me just as Kayla was in her last days, dying due to age and illness. She shared Kayla's story with me; that although Kayla was a rescue herself, she, in a way, rescued her human family with the love she gave them during a very difficult time in their lives. Kayla loved the outdoors- and she had an expanse of fields and mountains to enjoy. I thought a backdrop of wood and maple leaves would keep her happy in posterity.