Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Commissions

All of the commissions at this time of year are 'surprises'. The studies have to be collected in secret. In most cases the photos were supplied -the animals had passed and the studies were whatever the client could find without the recipient finding out...

In this first painting, the client wanted me to incorporate images of all the family pets that were with them throughout the decades. This was a surprise gift from my client and his siblings to their parents. What a lovely idea! What a challenge! I had very limited source material- and all the photos were taken from very different angles. This is what I came up with.

'Extended Family'

'Mickey' was a sweet little guy who passed away and is greatly missed by the client's parents. Like the painting above, this painting was also a gift from the client and her sibling to their parents. Mickey liked to sit in the front window of the family home and watch the world go by. This composition reflects that.

'Princess Delilah'. True to her biblical namesake Delilah is adored like a true princess. The client liked my off-centre compositions and we decided it would be fun to play with the princess idea by putting a little tiara on Delilah's head. Even though this painting is a surprise gift for the client's husband, I was able to sneak over and snap some studies...

'Tyler' needed to be a rather small painting as it was going to be carried on a plane for someone in the States. This work is 16" x 16" and quite straight forward. The client only had one photo that I could work from- Thankfully it was a good one!

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