Monday, December 21, 2009

Just in time for Christmas 2009

This is a painting of a white Shepherd named Bandit. The soccer ball is a pretty obvious tribute but that little stuffed teddy is Bandit's snuggle pal when he sleeps. The colours in the background are a nod to the colours of the prize ribbon that Bandit won in a dog show.

Harpo is a wonderful rascal of a dog. A mini- Schnauzer, Harpo adores his human and guards his harmonica, but when there's an orange ball flying through the air- almost nothing else matters.

Oscar is an Glen Imaal Terrier. You don't see many of his kind around... The background treatment in this painting is a tribute to his human's profession: graphic novelist. The landscape is minimalist- Oscar is a realistic subject super-imposed onto a parred down graphic surrounding.

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