Monday, August 3, 2009

Welcome Everyone to my Pet Paintings Blog.

Here you may view samples of my work, hear news of upcoming exhibitions and email me if you're so inclined. I hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoyed creating them.
I begin with a painting of my boy Micah... He continues to be my inspiration for entering the world of pet portraiture.

Cornered 2007 oil 24"x 30"

This is Little Bonnie. Her owner commissioned this painting after buying the painting of another dog a few years ago. It was important for this image to be bold, fun and "not too precious".
Little Bonnie 2009 oil 18" x 36"

The next few paintings are dogs from my neighbourhood. These works were really a lot of fun as over the years I've gotten to know the dogs (and their people) and I had somewhat of an existing understanding of each dog's character.

Riley is cute as a button but like many cute little dogs he has a devilish streak. So here he is, looking adorable, but he's also crushing a few blades of grass (indiscernible in the photo).

Riley 2008 oil 18" x 24"

Lux would just not put the ball down to allow me to take his photo- so I portrayed him crushed ball in mouth, as you would generally see him in the park. There are little footballs etched into the grass to reflect his obsession.

Lux 2008 oil 30" x 40"

This is a painting of Flip. Unfortunately Flip had passed before I had the opportunity to meet him so based on the photos I was given, I used the pattern of one of his favorite couches as my back drop.

Flip 2008 oil 22"x 28"

Bonnie belongs to the same human as Flip. She was the initial commission. I included all the things Bonnie loves- the park, squirrels and her home.

Bonnie 2007 oil 22" x 28"

Here is Pepper. Pepper had a bit of a thyroid problem at the time I took the studies for this painting, She was lovable, wacky and cookie obsessed. She has since calmed down...

Pepper 2006 oil 36" x 36"

The following paintings were commissions from beyond the dog park.

This Golden Retriever was a service dog and profoundly loved by his master. The painting was commissioned as a surprise gift and I was supplied the photo. We decided it would be best to include the dog's service harness in the painting as it reflected the dog's modus operandi... I included real gold leaf in the painting as it truly did reflect the character of this noble companion.

Golden 2006 oil 15" x 30"

Nemo 2007 oil 16" x 16"

Heidi's owner wanted a more subdued painting. I included poinsettias since Heidi had been a December puppy and her tennis ball which she liked to chase even more than squirrels.

Heidi 2008 oil 18" x 24"

The CBC radio 1 came to my studio last Spring to interview me about my pet portraiture and this was the painting I was working on while they filmed me. Monte's human owns a furniture company (that specializes in chairs) and Monte is the apple of his eye. So I combined the two points and made Monte sit in a very stylized chair reminiscent of a bull's eye (or the center of the universe).

Monte 2009 oil 24" x 24"

During that same CBC interview, one of the people on the production thought it would be a wonderful idea to surprise his wife with a painting of their two cats, Mookie and Jasmine. Since this painting was a surprise and cats don't generally travel well, the photos were were various prop's like Jasmine's favorite comb and Mookie's treats. Just for the record I have painted many cats although this is the only painting I've decided to include for now...

Mookie & Jasmine 2009 oil 18" x 24"

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