Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas commissions

Guinness the Labradoodle is an energetic pup who was afraid of me at first. Quietly we sat together for a while, then out came the treats and eventually we started to play. By the end of the photo shoot, Guinness didn't want to leave my lap.
We both fell for each other.

I didn't get to meet Pony personally. I wish I had! The longer I spent studying his expression the more I became convinced what a character he must be.

This is Cleo. When I received this commission the client explained that Cleo belonged to her sister-in-law and that the dog was very sick... she was fighting for her life. Well Cleo won the fight and is doing fine. Under the circumstances I couldn't go meet Cleo to photograph her and all I had to work from was a low res image of the dog on a boat... thus the composition.

The client and her husband were so happy with the commission of Cleo that the husband commissioned a painting of their own dog as a Christmas present for his wife . This is Mischa.

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