Monday, September 16, 2013

Here are four new paintings that I'm excited to share...
This painting is a revised version of an earlier work- bigger and (I feel) even better. It was purchased by Mutt Lynch Wineries in California. They feature dogs on their wine labels...
This painting is called 'Dynamism of a Basset- Ode to Balla'. It is my twist on a favourite painting by Futurist Painter Giacomo Balla called 'Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash' 1912. The original painting features a dachshund, its little legs a blur... Bassets on the other hand typically don't move that quickly... just his tail and ear seem to have momentum in this image.
'The Orange Ball'. What more needs to be said...? Except maybe that this image is quite large- 18" x 54".
Little Polly is a Chihuahua/ Yorkie mix... I think. She is wonderfully strange and incredible sweet.

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