Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A special birthday present

These three dogs belong to a wonderful family that famously shares it's home with any number of animals at any given time. These paintings were a surprise gift for their Mom.
Jasper, Cedric and Oliver are the current family dogs. We decided to represent each dog separately while keeping the format consistent in order to allow for different hanging strategies and an easy context for adding more portraits if they choose to.




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  1. Dear Julie,
    I am the lucky human mother of Cedric, Jasper and Oliver my three furry kids.
    I received the portraits on Sunday, February 19th as a surprise present for a milestone birthday.
    I can't believe how absolutely wonderful these pictures are of my boys.
    You have captured them perfectly and I am more than thrilled with your amazing talent.
    I hope to meet you in person one day soon to thank you personally.
    It was such a surprise to me when seeing these outstanding pictures for the first time. My hubby Sid did a super job concealing this more than wonderful present which actually came from my entire family. Everyone seemed to have a hand in it which makes it even more "special"
    I am very touched by it all.
    Deena Dolgoy