Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Recent Works

This is Sammi. Many years ago, when Sammi's human was running a marathon in the States, the local Humane Society down there set up a booth and introduced a few dogs that needed homes. It was love at first sight and Sammi's new human called his wife and said "I've found our dog".

These two might look like Siamese cats but I suspect they're really small dogs in disguise. Especially Canella, the cat in the foreground... he'll come when called, perform for treats and is a sucker for attention. Chiquita just watches her brother with the royal distain of her breed- I guess she really is a feline.

Taffy is a cutie who lives in Vancouver. This painting needed to be small since it was going to be packed in luggage. I was only given one good photo of this dog to work from. Luckily it was ADORABLE.

These two paintings were done promotionally to be included in a number of local exhibitions over the season.

I'm not too sure he's happy about the pink.

His name is Blue. He is a Bluetick Coonhound. He howls because he is Blue.

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  1. Love your work!
    Ellen Silverberg